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What is Christianity all about? Old buildings? Ceremonies? Rules? Dull school assemblies? Being ‘nice’?

CHRISTianity is all about Jesus Christ.

He was born over 2000 years ago in a Judean backwater, his ‘public’ life lasted just 3 years, and yet his impact is felt across the globe, and throughout time. Millions have been willing to die for Him, and today billions claim to have found new hope, new purpose, and a secure future by believing in Him.

What was it about him which caused such a sensation?

This: He claimed to be God. And the evidence is overwhelming.

Perhaps you’ve heard bits and pieces about him at school, or on TV. But have you ever read the firsthand eye-witness accounts for yourself? If not, now would be a great time to put that right.

The church here regularly runs courses designed to help people make up their own mind about Jesus, and any of us would be delighted to explain why we believe it, and give you pointers as to helpful things to read. For information on the next course, please use the contact form.

Come along, and make up your own mind!

“Who do you say I am?”
Matthew 16:15