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Christ Centred Preaching Seminars
Our church takes seriously the need to equip
others to preach and teach the Word of God,
training leaders for the next generation and
different parts of the world. One way we do
this is in partnership with London Theological
Seminary and Oak Hill College, mentoring
students studying at each. Another way we
do this is through training our own members.
This is either done formally through
institutions like the Cornhill Training
Course or less formally in house. Our
Preaching Seminars are a good example of
in house training.
Set up for men from the church who are
considering preaching for the first time,
the course is open to men from any church
who are still quite new to preaching, or
are considered by their elders as possibly
gifted for teaching and preaching. If you are
interested in joining the next course please
do contact us for more information.
The course is based on Bryan Chapell’s
book Christ-Centered Preaching.

“What you have heard me say… entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others”
2 Timothy 2:2