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Many people find the idea of a sermon out-dated and the thought of sitting down to listen to someone talk about the Bible for thirty minutes or so worse than watching paint dry. We disagree! Just as Timothy was charged by the apostle Paul to “preach the word in season and out of season” so we seek to preach the word. It is a major part of our Sunday services and a sermon’s preparation a major part of the preachers’ work and prayer in the week.

What we find is the word of God really is “living and active”. Week after week we are challenged, corrected, taught, strengthened and thrilled by the word of God preached to us. Our elders take most of the responsibility of preaching with others, including visiting preachers, supporting ably. Certainly we don’t claim to be remarkable preachers, but we serve a remarkable God who does remarkable things as his word is preached with faithful conviction.

We put our sermons online so that people who are serving in Children’s Church, or who miss a service, can catch up with the latest series. You can find those sermons here:

“Preach the Word…”
2 Timothy 4:2