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Although we are ‘church’ all week, Sunday is a special day for the church family here.

It all begins with our 10:45 service, which centres around hearing God speak through His Word, the Bible. We hear it preached to us, we sing it to God and each other, and we respond to what it says as we pray to God together. Our services deliberately comprise traditional and contemporary elements, all serving to encourage each other, and worship our heavenly Father. Once the service is over, refreshments are served, until…

Lunch! At around 1pm, we all sit down for a hot lunch. This provides a great opportunity to get to know each other better, and the food is always worth waiting for (unless the pastors have cooked it!)

At 3pm, Cafe39 begins. The kettle’s on again, the board games and table tennis come out, and anyone and everyone is welcome to drop in for a cuppa! This is an especially good chance for Internationals to practice their conversational English or for anyone a little nervous of “church” to come and find out more.

You are welcome to join us for all, or any part of the day. Contact us to find out more. Though the best way to understand our Sundays together is to come sample them yourself!