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What should you expect if you visit us on a Sunday? Who will you meet and what will we be like? At the door you will be greeted with warm smiles and a warm welcome. The people who greet you could originate from any part of the world, Europe, Asia, South America… you get the picture! They will show you into the building and if you have children they will show you where the crèche and Children’s Church rooms are. As you enter the main hall you will likely hear the music team playing and see others arriving and chatting. We always have refreshments after the service and lunch after that. We would love for you to stay and have lunch with us when you visit.

We are a curious mix of new and old. Our longest standing member has been a part of the church for about 70 years whilst we regularly have first time visitors. We sing hymns and songs, some written this year and others written many, many years ago. We hold firmly to the truth of the Bible, which was finished nearly 2000 years ago, and we find that God speaks to us today, bringing his living grace and power to 21st century London life.

We are people who are broken and healed, guilty and forgiven, lost and found, hurting and joyful, debtors made rich with every spiritual blessing in Christ. We get things wrong and don’t always do what we should, but we know we are safe in the care of our Father in heaven, children of God in his glorious majesty.

We have with us those who are searching, those who are asking, those who are sceptical. However you describe yourself we would love to welcome you here.